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In this charming living room, your attention is occupied and delighted by all the personal accents and accessories that draw you into each area of the little space. To turn a small, sort of sad living space into your favorite room and gives a luxe built-in effect. For an even more stylish push, pick a rich color and add molding to polish off the custom look. If you’re averse to clutter, just put the good bones of your living room on display. A perfect example of this is construction of CHAUDHARY BUILDERS, which has the essential pieces of furniture and just a few selected decor items.
JUST like ceiling, wooden floor and bed leather back splash are often left as an afterthought in decorating schemes but a statement floor and bed back splash can create striking results that will add wow-factor to the room.
POSITION your walk-in shower near a window or beneath a skylight so you can bathing sunbeams or gaze upon twinkling stars. This walk-in shower boasts a clerestory window and a glass door that allow natural light to flow in and out of the shower. Thanks to its placement, the shower becomes a separate room that doesn't clutter up the small bathroom's sight lines or impede traffic flow.
WE all know that small or big kitchens can be tricky when it comes to adding the  unexpected. Think about painting or  wallpapering the inside of your cabinets,  or springing for a surprising backsplash
“Let go of where things are ‘supposed’ to go,” says Raechel Lambert.
IF you start with a neutral base then mix in color, your space will feel sophisticated, rather than  childish. After all, no one wants an apartment that looks like a box of Crayola’s melted all over the place.
Take inspiration from this living room designed by CHAUDHARY BUILDERS a perfect example of  colorful yet understated decorating. Make sure you're always ready to host by keeping your living room more creative and sophisticated.
PICK a tall headboard like this one. Doing so will make the room feel taller and give it great focus. Throw down a rug and add some cushions to make it cozier. Create a mood board or use Pinterest to come up with colors you love and even look at paint swatches to see how they will all work together. Then just start bringing all those new colors in with bedding, cushions, rugs and once you know you are really happy with the new colors you can maybe go a bit bolder with paint, wallpaper and furniture.
BEING short on square footage should never  inhibit our kitchen’s design potential. Whether you’re working with hundreds of square feet or just a dozen or two getting your cooking space into tip-top
shape both aesthetically and functionally is just a few  creative ideas away from being a reality. You can see in picture how these gorgeous apartments used small  kitchen layouts to their advantage, with bold white  cabinetry, double-duty accents, sleek lighting solutions, and the palette wall and more.
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